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So what do you do with these wonderful layouts you have created? Most digital scrappers choose to print
their layouts to display in traditional scrapbooks. There are many great photo printers available for home use. HP, Epson and Canon are generally the most popular printers as they all have photo printer models. Regular inkjet printers will also work but they won’t be able to give you the look of a professionally printed photo like the photo printers can.

Printers and Photo Papers: 

Generally it is recommended that you use photo paper of the same brand as the printer you are using for the optimum results. The reason for this is that the printer, ink and paper are all formulated to work together to give you the best printing results with the best longevity. There is less guesswork when it comes to choosing which setting for which type of paper and less problems with things such as ink taking a long time to dry. How the paper and ink react with each other is determined by the printer setting that you use. Some printers just do not work well with certain papers so before you invest heavily in one type of paper, be sure to try it out first. There are many types of paper such as super glossy, pearl finish, or matte photo papers. Even good quality cardstock can be used but it will yield a much less crisp and less colorful image than the photo papers. Less expensive paper can be used if cost is an issue since you can always reprint your original files at any time, provided you make reliable backups. If you are concerned about longevity, especially if you are giving away your work as gifts, work with tools of the highest quality.

For more complete information on printers, paper, inks and longevity questions, check out what the experts have to say. Everything you wanted to know about printers, ink and paper and much more…


It has come to our attention that a new printer has hit the market that just may be the answer to digital scrapper's dreams! Check out the features in the new Epson R1800. It is the only home printer capable of printing 12x12' borderless and they even have a 12x12" scrapbooking paper that is printable on both sides.

Beyond this, your printer choice and paper choice is totally a personal preference.

Printing Sizes:

Traditional paper scrappers generally work in 12x12” size. Digital scrappers have a little more of a challenge when working at this size. There are several wide format photo printers available on the market currently including ones by Epson, Canon and HP. The cost is significantly more than the cost of the average photo printer.  Photo printers can be found for under $150 for the 8.5x11” size and from $200 and up for the wide format photo printers. The cost of paper to use in the wide format printers is significantly more also. The paper used is generally 13x19”. There is also a double-sided scrapbook paper created by Epson that is listed as 12x12”, however, at this time the only printers capable of printing true 12x12 borderless are the Epson R1800 and Epson R2400.

For those who prefer to stick with the less expensive printers, many of the newer photo printers will print borderless at the 8.5x11” size. This allows you to print all the way to the edges and use your layout in albums without any trimming or matting necessary. Many digital scrappers create their layouts at the 12x12” size and then reduce the dimensions to 8x8” to print them. These printouts can then be mounted on coordinating cardstock and placed in either an 8.5x11” album or placed in an 8x8” album. This size is becoming increasingly more popular with many choices available at a reasonable cost.

For those who prefer the full 12x12” size, the wide format printer is the choice for home printing. Using 13x19” paper will allow you to print a full 12x12” layout with room left over to print a couple layouts resized to 6x6” for gift giving or any other projects that you want to print that are 6” or less on one side.

Professional Printing Services:

Many digital scrappers opt for the convenience of having their layouts printed professionally. There are many companies online that can provide this service. Some of the more popular ones are:



http://www.winkflash.com/ (8x10 is the only real scrapper’s size available)


Some local Kinko’s, Sam’s Club, Costco and Walmart stores have in-store printing services that can print the various sizes needed by digital scrappers. Be sure to check first to find out what sizes they print and get a single image printed to ensure that the quality is what you are looking for. The reports vary widely as to how pleased different scrappers have been with the quality and service in the various retail stores. So buyer beware is a good rule to follow!

This is an assortment of locations that might work for your online printing needs but certainly not all inclusive. Check each company to see which ones meets your specific needs.

Book Printing / Calendars/ Other Photo Gifts Services:

http://www.kodakgallery.com  (formerly Ofoto.com)

http://mypublisher.com  (will print books at 9x12” or 12x16” size. Pages can be full bleed if using landscape mode. Front cover has a photo attached to it that is not covered)


http://www.shutterfly.com/  (hard bound books have a cutout to view the title page)


This is a sample of places that have these services available but is not all inclusive.

We have covered some of the printing options available for digital scrappers. Beyond this, it is a matter of your printer choice, paper choice, layout size choice or choice of online printing service that will make your own scrapbook pages unique to you!


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